Chapter 14

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about DeployHQ

If a file is deleted from the repository will it be deleted on the server?

DeployHQ uploads changes made in your repository using your SCM of choice, i.e. if you add a new file in Git, it will be uploaded to the server, or if you remove it from the repository, it will be deleted.

If you want to version control certain files however, but not modify them on your server, you can add excluded files rules to your project.

If a file exists on the server that's not in the repository will it be left alone?

Yes it will/ DeployHQ doesn't modify files based on changes made on the server, only what is contained in the repository. Therefore, directories you might not version control in your app, such as a public uploads folder, will always remain untouched.

Can I add or remove certain files from my repository, but not update them on my servers?

Absolutely. We offer two options for stopping particular files or directories from being deployed to your server - Excluded Files, or a .deployignore file. Both use the same syntax, which is outlined in the linked documentation.

Can I add my own SSH key to my project?

You can. If you have a number of projects connecting to the same server, you may want to use a single keypair for each connection.

In a project, DeployHQ uses a single keypair for connecting to both your repository host and your servers, so if you do add your own custom keypair you'll need to ensure that you also add the public key part of the keypair to your repository's deployment keys.

What IP addresses do I need to add to my firewall?

You should allow the following IP ranges:

  • ( -
  • 2a00:67a0:a:1::/64

For deployments to work correctly you should also ensure that the correct ports are open on your firewall. These vary by protocol:

  • Passive FTP - ports 20, 21 and all ports higher than 1023
  • Active FTP - port 21
  • SSH/SFTP - port 22

My last deployment broke my app! Help! How can I revert my changes?

We have a rollback feature that can help with this. This will reverse all changes made since your last deployment.

How can I see the changes that will be deployed to my server before actually deploying them?

When preparing a deployment, you can preview your changes before they're deployed to your server. At the bottom of the deployment screen, just click the Preview button, then we'll generate a full list of additions and deletions and display them for review.


If you then want to run the deployment, just click the Run Deployment button at the bottom of the changeset.