Automatically build and deploy code from your repositories

A service packed with features to help you automate and manage the continuous deployment of your websites.

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Deploying manually is stressful

The website you’ve been building for the past 3 months is going live. It's after midnight and you’re frantically dragging and dropping some last minute changes to the production server.

Do I need to upload this file?

Common questions for anyone deploying manually.


Meet your new favourite developer tool

DeployHQ is used by thousands of industry professionals, so it’s no surprise that we’re considered one of the best ways to deploy reliably to your servers.

  • Changes calculated automatically

    Let us figure out which files need to be added, changed and removed from your server.

  • Made for individuals and teams

    Designed to work for all. Invite your colleagues and manage their access with permissions.

  • Manage server configuration

    Create files that can be uploaded to one or more servers with the click of a button.

  • Ignore unnecessary files

    Ensure that only the files you need are uploaded to your server.

Machine A screenshot of the DeployHQ interface

Build Pipelines

Write commands that can be run before, during and after every deployment.

Whether you’re compiling a production build of your JavaScript application, installing dependencies, or clearing the cache after a deployment; it’s easy to write commands to be run for every deployment.

Works with pretty much everything

    JavaScript Pug Sass

Parallel Deployments

Keep all of your servers in sync by deploying changes simultaneously to multiple servers.

The ability to share common configuration between servers makes it trivial to manage deployments to multiple environments at the same time.

Supported protocols and platforms

  • FTP and FTPS
  • SSH (SFTP)
  • Amazon S3
  • RackSpace Cloud Files

Automatic Deployments

Deploy to your servers whenever you push.

DeployHQ supports automatic deployments for a number of repository hosting services, meaning you can run a deployment when code is pushed to your repository without logging in to start it.

You can even trigger deployments with a simple POST request!


Powerful Integrations

Streamline your development process and improve communication within your team.

Instant setup with repositories hosted by…

Realtime notifications and tracking with…

  • Slack
  • HipChat
  • New Relic
  • …and more.

With webhooks and a developer friendly API, DeployHQ compliments any development workflow.