Our Customer Testimonials

Here are some of our customers and what they have to say about DeployHQ

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Let me try to explain how we feel about your product.

This is the greatest, easiest to use, most robust, best quality, most attractive, and most intuitive deployment tool we have ever seen. We struggled for nearly a week trying to configure Gulp tasks and scripts, Bitbucket pipelines, and who knows what else, to attempt to deploy a recent client project via SFTP. What a nightmare, and we are not a novice team!

Finally we stumbled on an article from our managed WordPress hosting provider, Flywheel. In it, they described how they use DeployHQ for their own deployments. We visited the site, gave it a go, and the site was deployed in T minus 45 seconds (Is that even legal?!). We had so much fun we must have deleted the servers 5 times just to try things out. Everything worked. From the repo autodiscovery to the slack notifications. Bravo squad, bravo.

Please don't change whatever you are putting in the coffee over there!

Noah - Dreamsicle