Deployment Targets

Upload your website to multiple servers at the same time. FTP, SFTP, Amazon S3 and Shopify are all supported.

What are deployment targets?

In DeployHQ, deployment targets are destinations for your code. For you, this could be a single FTP server, or a group of servers on DigitalOcean that all run the same application.

You can consider a target representing a specific environment that your code lives on, such as a production or staging server. Within a DeployHQ project, you can only connect to a single repository, however you can add as many targets as you like.

  • FTP or FTPS
  • SFTP
  • AWS S3
  • DigitalOcean
  • Shopify

Why are deployment targets useful?

In many cases, a typical DeployHQ project will consist of three targets, one for development, one for staging and another for production.

The development target will be set up to deploy from a dev branch, then the staging and production targets from master. You can individually specify which targets will be deployed to manually or automatically to as well - you might not want your code automatically deployed to production when you’ve pushed a change to your master branch!

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