Deploy with zero downtime for your website or app

We’ll upload all your changes and then make them live at the same time to avoid any issues while files are copied.

What are zero downtime deployments?

Zero downtime deployments (or atomic deployments as they're sometimes known) allow changes to be prepared on the server and made live simultaneously.

Historically, changes are all uploaded into a live directory which means some times are updated before others which can lead to inconsistencies. With zero downtime deployments, all changes are prepared in a staging directory and then moved into place once all changes are ready. This ensures all changes made in your deployment are live at the same time.

How does it work?

We handle everything for you but behind the scenes, this is what happens…

  1. A new directory is created with your live files

  2. All changes are added to this new staging directory

  3. The new directory will then replace the old live directory

  4. Your changes are now live!

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