Automatic Deployment

Deploy your website to your servers when you push your Git, SVN or Mercurial repository.

What are automatic deployments?

Your repository hosting provider can tell us whenever you push, so you can deploy your changes without having to log in and manually start a deployment.

With a simple post-receive hook, DeployHQ will automatically begin deploying your website to your server whenever you push your code to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket or Codebase. You can even start a deployment with a simple POST request.

Automatic deployments are particularly useful if:

  • You want to deploy instantly whenever you make any changes.
  • You have a staging environment which should always run the latest version of a specific branch.
  • You have a static site as you can make edits and deploy from anywhere in the world.

How do automatic deployments work?

  1. A webhook is added automatically to your repository

  2. You push your changes to your repository hosting service

  3. We’ll calculate the changes and deploy them to your server

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