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Which package you choose is mostly determined how many projects you can deploy. You’ll be able to choose a package once you’ve started your free trial.

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Frequently asked questions about packages & pricing

Can I upgrade or downgrade by account in the future?
Yes, of course - you can change your package at any time through your account page.
Can I cancel my account easily?
Although we'd be sad to see you go, you can close your account in less than 3 clicks. Just go to your account settings page and hit 'Cancel my account' at anytime.
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express. You can also pay with Paypal for any invoices that are more than £15.
What about open source projects?
If you have an open source project and want to use DeployHQ, we can give you a free account with unlimited deployments. Just drop us an e-mail with the details once you’ve signed up.
Can I pay in another currency?
Yes - you’ll be able to choose your currency when you choose your package. We currently accept GBP, USD & EUR. You can use the menu above to change the prices on this page.
What about VAT & taxes?
All prices for UK customers are subject to UK VAT at 20%. Customers inside the EU without a VAT registration number will be charged VAT at their country’s standard rate. This tax will be automatically added to all invoices. Customers outside the the EU will have no additional charges.

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