Learn how to use Git

Free tutorials and resources to help you learn the basics of version control using Git.

9 beginner-friendly tutorials

Learn at your own pace with our step-by-step Git tutorials.

  1. Getting Started

    Step-by-step instructions to help you install and configure Git.

    1. Installing Git

      5 mins

  2. Fundamentals

    Learn all the basic commands necessary to begin using Git on your own.

    1. Creating a repository

      3 mins

    2. Committing file changes

      5 mins

    3. Ignoring unwanted files

      2 mins

    4. Viewing historical changes

      5 mins

    5. Publishing local changes

      3 mins

    6. Cloning an existing repository

      2 mins

  3. Advanced

    Advanced usage of Git.

    1. How to create branches and merge them using Git

      5 mins

    2. How to deploy a website using Git

      8 mins

Some more helpful resources

We’ve got more free Git resources for you to check out!

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