Discontinuation of GitHub services in favour of webhooks


Recently, GitHub posted some announcements in relation to the deprecation and discontinuation of their old Services, to be replaced by Webhooks. This primarily affects Automatic Deployments in DeployHQ.

The services have been put through recent "brownout" periods, whereby deliveries haven't been performed for sustained periods of time. Most recently, a 24 hour brownout was commenced on the 12th December which at the time of writing, is currently in effect. Whilst services will be restored again by the end of today, they will be completely taken down, permanently on 31st January following a further 7 day brownout starting on 7th January.

Their timeline can be found here.

For any users that are still using GitHub services for triggering automatic deployments, you'll need to remove any automatic deployment URLs from services, and add them as a webhook instead. You'll find more information about replacing existing services with webhooks in Github's documentation. The URLs remain unchanged in DeployHQ so you won't need to make any changes in your projects.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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