Scheduling Deployments


As well as being able to trigger a deployment manually, or automatically upon push in DeployHQ, you can also schedule a deployment to be run at a later time.

This might be useful in particular for testing environments, for example, you could schedule a deployment later that day to your testing site ready for a review, or even a recurring schedule to deploy any changes pushed to your testing site at the end of each week.

Scheduling a deployment

Within DeployHQ, you'll be able to choose from a number of different options when scheduling deployments to fit a wide variety of scenarios. To set up a scheduled deployment, simply navigate to your project then start a manual deployment as normal, but before clicking Deploy, click the Schedule Deployment dropdown:

Schedule deployment

You'll then be presented with a number of schedule options to select and configure. Once one has been chosen, you can simply click Deploy as normal and the deployment will be scheduled.


The schedule will be set to run during the time zone configured in your account settings (found in Settings -> Access and Account).


Scheduling options

When creating a schedule, you'll have 4 options to choose from.

Run in the future

The first schedule option, Run in the future will set up a one-time deployment to be run in the future at a specified date and time:

Run in the future at

Run daily

Run daily allows you to set up a recurring deployment to run at the same time every day:

Run daily at

Run weekly

Run weekly allows you to set up a recurring deployment once a week:

Run weekly on

Run monthly

Run monthly allows you to set up a recurring deployment once a month:

Run monthly on

In each case you'll be able to select the option to Always deploy from the last deployed commit to the latest available commit, which will ensure you always deploy the changes between your last deployment and the last commit pushed when the scheduled deployment starts.

Otherwise, it will deploy the commits set when you first scheduled the deployment. You'll most likely select the option when using a recurring schedule, and leave it unchecked when scheduling a one-time deployment in the future.

If you have any further questions about this, or any other aspect of DeployHQ, please get in touch.

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