Report deployments automatically to New Relic

Use our New Relic integration to report new deployments to a project and track exceptions against it.

Send a report of a new deployment to your New Relic project automatically

You'll then be able to track which version of your code has caused an exception.

If you're using New Relic for tracking exceptions in your app, you can identify which version has caused an error by tracking deployments automatically.

Configure in a matter of minutes

Setting up the DeployHQ New Relic integration is super simple!

Setting up the DeployHQ New Relic integration couldn’t be easier, you simply need to obtain the Application ID from your New Relic project along with your main API Key, which will provide DeployHQ with the access required to report new deployments back to New Relic.

For more information, read the installation instructions article in our support centre.

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