How does all this magic work?

DeployHQ handles all the hard work getting files from your repositories to your servers. This is how it works and the secrets behind the magic. It’s really as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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    Create your deployment recipes

    To begin, you just need to let us know where your repository is and how we can access it. We make this very easy and integrate with code hosting providers to save you time. After you've told us what to do, you can make your first deployment.

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    Preview your changes

    When you begin to deploy, you'll be shown all the files which have changed and been removed as well as details of the commits which will be deployed. This allows you to see exactly what will happen when you click the Deploy button.

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    Deploy your code!

    Hit the deploy now button and the changes will be pushed to your server. If you have configured additional commands to run, these will also be executed at the appropriate part of the process. You can watch all of this live in your web browser.

Key features

  • Live deployment tracking & monitoring through the web UI.
  • Automatically trigger deployments whenever you commit or push.
  • Simultaneously deploy your repository to multiple servers.
  • Set up commands to execute on the remote server during the deployment process (SSH only).
  • Centrally manage your configuration files within the Deploy interface — no need to put your config in your repos!
  • Securely deploy to servers behind VPNs and firewalls using the Deploy Agent.
  • Integrates seamlessly with code hosting & other useful services including Codebase, GitHub, New Relic, Hipchat and more.
  • Manage multiple deployment environments for production, staging or testing.
  • Keep track of deployments using per-project RSS status feeds.
  • Setup multiple users within your account with access to different projects.