What some of our users say about Deploy...

As we grew as a company with more and more Magento eCommerce projects, DeployHQ still managed to scale up with us. We use DeployHQ for all our projects. DeployHQ makes deployments simple and stress-free. Their support is outstanding! We highly recommend DeployHQ for any deployment project.

A year ago I deployed my projects using ftp/sftp clients. Cases where some files went missing after such "hand-deployment" were not uncommon. Since I discovered codebase & deploy all my projects are deployed automatically.

Deploy is a HUGE benefit to our team when it comes to product development and deployments - from saving time when testing new product updates or managing deployments of custom development for clients. I can't believe the difference it has made in our day to day business, and combined with our Codebase account, it's brilliant. I don't want to even think about what life was like before Deploy.

I absolutely love Deploy. I have several copies of an app for different customers that we develop and improve often, and using Deploy ensures the updates are rolled out as easy and quick as possible. It makes our app updates a breeze!

As a standalone product, Deploy is fantastic, but when you combine it with other aTech products (Codebase & Sirportly), it's an integral tool for our team..

Deploy, combined with Codebase has encouraged us to adopt a streamlined and more professional work flow. It also allows us to easily see what sort of state our staging and production serves are in and the notifications feature helps us never forget to tell our clients when their projects have been updated! Thanks again, aTech Media, you've done it again!

As a senior eCommerce developer, there are few tools that have simply blow my mind away. Deploy was one of them. It simplified my workflow so much and I've, to this day, after thousands of deployments, not had a single issue. The fact that you get Deploy included with Codebase is just an added bonus! Keep up the good work aTech!

Ever since we started using Deploy, I have a peace of mind. In a start-up mode, that’s all you need. We don't have to worry about deployments to multiple servers, automated script executions for bootstrapping, etc. And the ease to roll back! It’s awesome! I would like to thank you guys for building such an awesome tool.

Deploy is a remarkably simple solution for deploying projects to servers, and takes the headache out of making sure all servers have the right code. It also eliminates the need to maintain and keep up to date deployment scripts (and making sure users had the updated scripts) because of the beautiful interface.