Customise your notifications

New Features

For a long time, Deploy has been able to send messages to your private chat system of choice (Hipchat, Slack, Campfire or Flowdock) to alert you to the success for failure of a deployment. Up until now, this message has been uncustomisable.

Today we're releasing a feature which will allow you to modify the format of the messages sent to your chat system. By deafult this will read "Successful/Failed deployment of Git HTTP Test - a94a1c98 - a94a1c98 to Server01", however using our comprehensive list of variables you can customise your message to make it useful to your organisation.

Configuring Slack

As an added bonus, the new variables we've added to support chat notifications are available in Config Files and SSH Commands in your project.

A little bit about the author

My name is Dan. My primary role at aTech is to develop and maintain our hosted applications, such as Codebase and Deploy. I'm often the person who responds to helpdesk tickets where further investigation is needed. My preferences include; beer over lager, dogs over cats, coffee over tea and cars from the 80s.

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