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We'd just like to let you know, we've installed some updates for the following language versions on the build pipeline:


Go 1.12 updated to 1.12.13

Go 1.11 updated to 1.11.13


.NET 2.0 updated to 2.0.3

.NET 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0 added


Node 12 added (12.13.0)

Node 10 updated to 10.17.0

Node 8 updated to 8.16.2


PHP 7.3 updated to 7.3.11

PHP 7.2 updated to 7.2.24

PHP 7.1 updated to 7.1.33


Python 2.7 updated to 2.7.17

Python 3.7.4 updated 3.7.5


Ruby 2.4 updated to 2.4.9

Ruby 2.5 updated to 2.5.7


Yarn updated to 1.17.3

If you have any questions about these updates or any other aspect of DeployHQ, please let us know.

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