Improved E-mail Notifications

New Features

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It has been said that Deploy's email notifications can be a little too binary, you can receive notifications of all deployments, or none at all. Today we're giving you the option to only receive e-mails if a deployment has a problem, as well as giving you more options about who receives the notification.

In your project and server update forms you'll see a new dropdown, "Email Notification Preference", which contains the options to define when notifications will be sent. From here you can choose never to receive notifications, only on failure, or for all deployments. You can choose to accept the project default if modifying a server. Below is the Custom notification email address as always; You can comma separate addresses here to send them to multiple recipients if you wish.

Server Notification Options

With this release we've also added the ability to define email notification preferences on a per server group basis, these will override anything set on an individual server within that group.

As always, please get in touch if you have any questions.

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