Notifications in your Browser

New Features

Successful Notification

Want to switch tabs during your deployment to do something else, but still know as soon as your deployment is completed?

Good news, today we're implementing native browser notifications in Chrome, Firefox and Safari. These notifications will let you know when a deployment has begun processing, and when it is complete.

The next time you Deploy from the interface you'll be prompted to allow notifications from Deploy, just click "Allow" and we'll do the rest automatically. Decide you don't want them any more? Head to your user profile and click "Disable Browser Notifications"

At the moment you'll need to keep your deployment open to receive notifications, but future enhancements will allow you to receive them while anywhere in Deploy.

A little bit about the author

My name is Dan. My primary role at aTech is to develop and maintain our hosted applications, such as Codebase and Deploy. I'm often the person who responds to helpdesk tickets where further investigation is needed. My preferences include; beer over lager, dogs over cats, coffee over tea and cars from the 80s.

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