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In Deploy v1 we offered preset templates that could be applied to a project. These simple templates were designed with specific use-cases in mind, for example, setting up a Rails app would add database seed commands and basic configuration files. These templates however were not user-definable and were of limited use, so when we launched Deploy v2 we retired them. Nobody was sad.

Today we're bringing back Templates, but now they're user-definable, and cover every area of a project, not just Commands and Configuration files.

You'll notice a new top-level tab through which you can define your templates. Opening this allows you to create a new template. Once created you can configure all of the elements of your template. This includes:

  • Servers and Server Groups
  • Configuration Files
  • SSH Commands
  • Excluded Files
  • Notifications

Configuring Template

To create a new project from your template, click "Build New Project from Template" while editing your template, or select it from the dropdown when creating your project.

Creating project with template

Your new project will be created and populated with all of the details from your template.

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