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Over the years, many of you have gone out of your way to recommend DeployHQ to friends and colleagues through informative articles, forums and social media.

We want to reward you for all of your wonderful support, that’s why the team here at DeployHQ are incredibly excited to announce our brand new referral programme!

Earn credits when someone begins their subscription

Send your unique referral link via chat or embed it in a blog post. You’ll earn credits if they sign up within 1 week of clicking on your link and upgrade to a paid package at any time. You’ll earn more credits if they pay for a larger package.

To find your referral link, log in and go to ‘Settings’, then click ‘Referrals’ in the sidebar.

Every credit earned is linked to your aTech Identity and can be exchanged for awesome rewards.

A rather tasty selection of rewards

We’ve chosen rewards that appeal to both account admins and users.

Stickers (3 credits)

A handful of vibrant stickers. Great for dressing up your laptop or plastering around the office!

T-Shirt (10 credits)

A very ‘snazzy’ branded t-shirt featuring a rocket. Make everyone jealous with your awesome sense of style!

Ceramic Mug (15 credits)

A sturdy, cylindrical drinking utensil to assist you with all your hot beverage needs (handle included).

£25 Amazon Voucher (25 credits)

Buy literally anything you want on Amazon with a voucher worth 25 Great British Pounds.

CUSTOMer Track (50 credits)

A personalised song about how awesome you are, performed by a member of the DeployHQ team.

Any questions?

If you’ve got any questions about our brand new referral scheme, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

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