Streamlined automatic deployments

New Features

We've released a new feature today to the DeployHQ platform to make life easier when managing larger numbers of projects and servers - project-level webhooks for automatic deployments!

This means that on a per-project basis, you just need to upload a single webhook to your repository host, but you'll still have full control of which servers and server groups you want to deploy to automatically. This is all now configurable within a central Automatic Deployments page in your project, where you can also view recent webhook request logs, in case you need to debug any issues.

Automatic Deployments

When configuring a new project, we've also added the option to automatically add the hook to your repository host, if supported.

Project hook at create time

Finally, for any of you with existing per-server automatic deployment hooks already in use won't need to change anything, but you may find it useful in future to migrate over to the project-level webhooks.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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