Purge your Cloudflare cache automatically

Use our Cloudflare integration to clear any cached files that have just been deployed with DeployHQ.

Ensure you don't present out of date assets to your website visitors

You don't need to manually clear your Cloudflare cache each time you update your website.

If you're using Cloudflare as a CDN for your website, you can use DeployHQ's Cloudflare integration to either clear your entire asset cache, or only files that have been updated in a deployment.

Configure in a matter of minutes

Setting up the DeployHQ Cloudflare integration is super simple!

Setting up the DeployHQ Cloudflare integration couldn’t be easier, you simply need to obtain the Global API Key from your Cloudflare dashboard, which will provide DeployHQ with the access required to clear any cached assets, then enter the appropriate Zone ID and Asset URL prefix.

For more information, read the installation instructions article in our support centre.

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