Introduction to DeployHQ

Welcome to DeployHQ, the original deployment service for deploying code from your repositories to your servers. In this documentation, we'll outline how you can sign up for a new account, create a project, and start running deployments.

You'll find a number of advanced options throughout our documentation, including developer tools such as the CLI and API.

What is DeployHQ?

DeployHQ is a service designed to make life easier for developers when it comes to getting code from a repository onto a server. Traditionally, a "deployment" might consist of simply manually copying over files to a server using a drag-and-drop FTP or SFTP client, or in slightly more advanced cases, using an SCM such as Git on the server to "pull" files from a remote repository.

DeployHQ serves as a replacement for either method by taking only the changed files in your repository, then uploading them to your server in turn. As well as uploading changed files, DeployHQ has a vast number of advanced features you can take advantage of, which you can find in the articles on the left hand side of the page.