Chapter 1

Introduction to DeployHQ

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Welcome to DeployHQ, the original deployment service for deploying code from your repositories to your servers. In this manual, we'll be looking at how to set up your DeployHQ account, then create a project for running your first deployment, with chapters explaining the wide array of more advanced settings you can configure in your account and projects.

What is DeployHQ?

DeployHQ is a service designed to make life easier for developers when it comes to getting code from a repository onto a server. Traditionally, a "deployment" might consist of simply manually copying over files to a server using a drag-and-drop FTP or SFTP client, or in slightly more advanced cases, using an SCM such as Git on the server to "pull" files from a remote repository.

DeployHQ serves as a replacement for either method by taking only the changed files in your repository, then uploading them to your server in turn. As well as uploading changed files, DeployHQ has a vast number of advanced features you can take advantage of, which we'll cover later in the manual.