Chapter 10

Managing your account

Configure all aspects of your DeployHQ account

You can control a number of aspects of your entire DeployHQ account as the account owner or administrator, or your own personal information as a user.

Your personal profile - as a user

When you're logged into DeployHQ, you'll be able to configure a number of options that are personal to you.

Your security settings

If you head to the Settings tab at the top of the DeployHQ interface, then to Security on the left hand side, you'll be able to monitor and configure two important aspects of your user account.


Firstly, you'll be able to view and revoke any active browser sessions for your user account. You'll see a list of connections with associated IP addresses and a Logout button next to each one, which you can cilck to immediately revoke it.

Secondly, you'll see your personal API key which you can use for integrating with our API. You can disable it, or reset the key to generate a new one via the named buttons on the right hand side. Additionally, you'll be able to see the last time the key was used and the connecting IP address below it.

Your Profile

If you head to the Settings tab at the top of the DeployHQ interface, then to Profile on the left hand side, you can configure your personal details and timezone.


You can update your First Name and Last Name directly from the page, then find a link to change your E-mail address through our single sign-on service, aTech Identity.

If you're using any other aTech services, or even other DeployHQ accounts with the same email address any changes made here will be reflected in those other accounts and services.

If you're using DeployHQ in a different location from where your account has been set up for, you can select via the Time Zone dropdown an appropriate timezone for you from the list. This will then show deployment log information and other timestamps in DeployHQ appropriately according to where you are.

Setting up Two Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is set up via aTech Identity. Head to https://identity.atechmedia.com, then login with your DeployHQ account details.

Next, go to Two Factor Auth under Security Settings on the right hand side.

2FA with aTech Identity

Then follow the steps to download an appropriate 2FA app (we recommend Google Authenticator) to your mobile device. Once you've downloaded and set up the app, you can scan the QR code to set it up initially.

We also recommend once you've done so that you head to Fallback Security Details and set up a security question and answer phrase so that we can verify your account with you if you ever need to reset your 2FA.

Fallback details

As an additional option, you can also provide your mobile number for recovery if you don't have access to your 2FA device.

Your DeployHQ account - as an administrator

Deployment availablity

In your DeployHQ account, you can configure times where deployments are restricted. During these periods, non-administrator users will not be able to make a new deployment and automatic deployments will be rejected. Only administrators will be able to make a new deployments. Restrictions will be apply during the time zone configured in the account settings.

Head to the Settings tab at the top of the screen, then Deployment Availability on the left hand side.


You'll find each weekday listed in order from Monday-Sunday, and you can drag the sliders to the left or to the right to change the available times for your deployments for each day. You can drag the sliders all the way to the left or to the right on a given day to fully restrict them.

Outside of these times, only administrators will be able to make new deployments manually, but will be displayed with a warning. Otherwise, standard users and automatic deployments will be prevented.

Account & Access

Heading to the Settings tab at the to of the screen, then Account & Access below will present a number of global options that you can configure.

Account & Access

Name and domains

If you want update your account name or domain, you can do so at the top of the page. Additionally, if you have it enabled on your account, you can create your own custom domain for accessing DeployHQ. Enter your domain in the Custom Domain field, then click Save Changes to finish.

You'll need to ensure that your domain is pointing to cname.deployhq.com ready so that you're able to access your account once the change has been applied.

Please note that this feature is only available on the Premium package or higher, but is also provided with a free SSL certificate from Let's Encrypt once the domain has been fully setup.

IP Restrictions

You can restrict your DeployHQ account to be only accessible from specific IP addresses or ranges. To set this up, head to your Settings tab, then Access and Account, then the IP Restrictions section at the bottom of the page:

Select Yes - only allow access to the IP addresses specified, then enter any IP addresses or ranges followed by the enter key for each IP to allow. Once you're finished, just click Save Changes.


You can configure a number of aspects of your billing in your account by heading to the Settings tab at the top of the screen, then Billing on the left hand side. Just choose an option to view more details.


The invoices page will show a list of invoices which can be viewed, downloaded as a PDF or paid for if required.

Invoice list

Payment Details

The payment details page shows your billing address, and your VAT number. If you are within the European Community and have a VAT number, you can enter it here for non-VAT payments.

Payment details

Additionally, if you wish to make ongoing payments less regularly, you can update your Billing Frequency. You can choose any number of months up to and including annual payments. If you don't want payment to be taken automatically at renewal, just disable the Attempt to take payment automatically? option.

Card Details

You can update your current payment card here if you've added one for ongoing subscription payments. You can add a new card here, or replace the existing one.

Card Details

Change Package

This page allows you to change packages. Just click "Change Package" and you'll be immediately upgraded or downgraded, as appropriate to the new chosen package.

Change Package

Prepay Subscription

If you wish to make a longer term, immediate payment for your current subscription, you can do so here. We accept PayPal for payments of £15 or greater, so you can use PayPal for any prepayment.


Cancel account

We'll be sorry to see you go, but if you wish to cancel your account, you can do so from this page.

Cancel account

Your account will be automatically cancelled within 24 hours, but if you change your mind, don't worry, you can visit that page again and withdraw your cancellation request.


As soon as you've done so, your account will be restored back to how it was before you originally requested the cancellation.