Hipchat notifications

Hipchat notifications allow you to send notifications of deployments directly into a Hipchat room. For more information about Hipchat, visit their website.

To set up a new notification, click the Notifications link on the left hand side of your project, then the New Notification button to get started.

New notification

Start by selecting Hipchat in the Service dropdown, then enter the Auth Token from your Hipchat account (note the token must be API v1 from the account of a group admin), the Room Name of the room you wish to the notification to displayed in, the From Name, the message format which can be personalised using any of the variables listed via the these variables link, then finally the option to Notify users in the room if you wish the users you have assigned to the room to be notified.

You can also choose when to send the notification - when the deployment starts, if it fails, or if it succeeds.

HipChat notification settings

Click Create Notification once you've finished entering your configuration.