Updating project settings

This method allows you to update the settings of an existing DeployHQ project.



Replace <project> with the permalink of the project.

HTTP Method


Supported Parameters

  • name - The name of your project
  • permalink - The permalink of your project (note that changing this will stop automatic deployments from working due to the URL being different, therefore the URL in your repository will need to be updated)
  • email_notify_on - If you wish for deployment events to send notification emails:
    • failure (default) - only notify on failed deployments
    • always - notify on all deployments
    • never - never notify on any deployments
  • notification_email - A comma separated string of email addresses to send deployment notifications to
  • zone_id - The region/zone that this project will be located in
    • 3 - UK (default)
    • 6 - US East
    • 9 - US West

Note that the two email settings act as a default for the project, and can always be overridden on a per-server basis.

Example cURL Request

curl -H "Content-type: application/json" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
--user adam@atechmedia.com:my-api-key \
-X PUT \
-d { \
  "project": { \ 
    "name":"Project", \
    "zone_id":3 \
  } \
}' \

Example Response


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