Edit a server group

This method allows you to update a server group within a template using the API.


  • Replace <permalink> with the permalink of the template.
  • Replace <identifier> with the identifier of the server group.

HTTP Method


Supported Parameters

  • name - A description or name for the server group (required)
  • auto_deploy - Should auto deployments be enabled, either true or false (required)
  • email_notify_on - When do you want to receive email notifications, either never, failure or always (required)
  • notification_email - An email address to send notifications to
  • transfer_order - The transfer order for the server group, parallel or sequential (required)

Example cURL request

curl -H "Content-type: application/json" \
-H "Accept: application/json" \
--user adam@atechmedia.com:my-api-key \
-X PUT \
-d { \
    "server_group":{ \
      "name":"Created via the API", \
      "auto_deploy":true, \
      "email_notify_on":"failure", \
      "notification_email":"adamw@atech.media", \
      "transfer_order":"parallel" \
  } \
} \

Example response

  "name":"Created via the API",

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