E-mail notifications

E-mail notifications can be set up deployments to inform you when it has completed. E-mail notifications can be set up project wide, or on a per-server basis and additional E-mail addresses can be added to the notification which is particularly useful if you're wanting to notify people that aren't users on your account.

Setting up email notifications

To enable E-mail notifications, head to any project in your account, then to the Settings tab on the left hand side.

Project settings

You can choose when to send notifications via the When should notifications be sent? dropdown, with the following options available:

  • Never notify - notifications wil never be sent via E-mail
  • Only notify if a deployment fails - only send E-mail notifications for failed deployments
  • Always notify - send E-mails for all deployments

You can leave the Custom notification E-mail address field blank, or add additional E-mail addresses, comma separated.

Customising E-mail notifications for specific servers or groups

Project-level settings will apply by default to any configured server or server group in your project, but you can override this on a per-server basis by heading to your Servers & Groups page, clicking to edit any server or group, then editing the Notification Options settings:

Notification options

The notification options can be left as they are, or changed to any setting you wish to only apply to this particular server.

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