How to create a server

In your DeployHQ project, a server is simply an endpoint that you connect and deploy your code to. DeployHQ can deploy your code to pretty much anywhere, using standard protocols such as SSH/SFTP, FTP or FTPS to connect to your servers. As well as this, we support a number of services such as Shopify or Amazon S3.

Adding a new server

You can add the new server to your project by heading to the Servers & Groups page in your project, then clicking the New Server button on the right hand side of the page.

Enter a name for your server so you can easily identify it in the future, then optionally choose a server group (which you can read more about here).

Next, choose the appropriate protocol you want to connect to your server with:

Adding a new server

Once you've configured your connection details, enter the Deployment Path - the directory on the server where you want your code to be uploaded to, for example public_html/, then when you are finished click Create Server. DeployHQ will check your connection and present you with a list of your servers.

Configuring your deployment path

We have additional documentation covering advanced server settings and notifications in our Advanced server configuration and Notifications articles respectively.

Copying a server

In order to make a copy of a server you've created previously, you can click the "duplicate" button within the server list.

server list

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