Input required during a Build or SSH command

During a build pipeline, you may come across an issue where input is required, but this isn't possible due to the non-interactive nature of how commands are run in DeployHQ.

If you're seeing a yes|no, or perhaps a prompt to enter a password, this will require you to either abort the deployment, or, wait for the build timeout of 30 minutes to complete.

You will then need to check and ensure that your build commands can be run without any human interaction required.

In the case of authentication requirements, you might need to create a file such as auth.json with the appropriate credentials in. For best practice, we'd recommend using a DeployHQ config file for this purpose rather than committing the information to your repository.

If this is happening during an SSH command, you may need to look at setting up passwordless authentication, which the following guide should help with.

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