How to set up automatic deployments from a custom trigger

As well as through the supported repository hosts, you can set up your own auto deployment trigger via a JSON POST request, which many other services have integrations for. Before you can setup a custom trigger with your server's webhook, you'll need to retrieve it from your DeployHQ project.

If you navigate to the URL in a browser, it will display the necessary JSON payload required to send a request to the url to trigger a deployment.

The payload to use is:

    "new_ref": "aabbccddeeff",  
    "branch": "master",
    "email": "user@example.com",
    "clone_url": "git@yourhost:path"
  • new_ref is the revision you wish to deploy to. If you wish to use the latest revision for the configured branch to deploy from automatically, simply send a string of latest.
  • branch is the branch the revision is on (not used in SVN).
  • email is the email address to be notified on completion.
  • clone_url is the path to your repository (as entered in the Deploy UI).

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