Creating a custom Shopify app

In order to connect your Shopify store with DeployHQ, you'll need to have admin access to your store and create a custom app.

This app will then provide a token for DeployHQ to use. The URL to your Shopify admin portal looks like this: https://admin.shopify.com/store/store-name.

Once there, click on the 'Apps' link in the left-side navigation panel.

Shopify admin panel

You'll then see this popup, click on the "App and sales channel settings".

Installed Shopify apps

This will take you to your Apps settings. Click on "Develop apps" in the top-right buttons to view your own apps.

Create Shopify app

Now create a new App.

Create shopify developer profile

Choose a name and developer credentials (your email address).

Create a Shopify app

After completing that, add two scopes to your newly created app by clicking on "Configure Admin API scopes".

Configure Shopify API scopes

Add the write_themes and read_themes scopes by searching for "theme" in the search box and checking both options.

Shopify API scopes

Click "Install App" — this will provide the "Access Token" needed by DeployHQ when setting up your Shopify server.

Create Shopify Access token

Your token is now available!

Shopify API access token

Return to DeployHQ, pick a server name, choose "Shopify" as the server protocol, and fill in all the required fields below as shown.

Add Shopify API token to DeployHQ

That's it! You'll now have a server that DeployHQ can read/write to.

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