SSH public key authentication errors

In DeployHQ, a number of issues related to authenticating a server using SSH can result in the following message when attempting to add a server to your project :

"We couldn't access this server using the credentials you have provided. Have you uploaded the appropriate public key onto the server?"

If you are seeing this message, there are a number of things to check:

1) You have added the key from the following place within your project:


2) That the key has been added to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on your server, for your deployment user.

3) Permissions of that directory and keys file are set as follows:

drwx------  8 adamwest  staff  256 21 Sep 14:00 /Users/adamwest/.ssh
-rw-------  1 adamwest  staff  1211 21 Nov 16:29 /Users/adamwest/.ssh/authorized_keys

If the permissions are incorrect, they can be modified using the following commands:

$ chmod 700 ~/.ssh/
$ chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys