How can I change my connected Slack account?

You may need to change the Slack account that you post your deployment notifications to. This is essentially a two-step process, whereby you'll need to unlink your old Slack account, then link your new Slack account.

Unlinking your old Slack account

To start, head to Settings -> Linked Services, then click the Unlink button next to your existing Slack connection:

Unlink Slack

You'll then see that you're no longer connected to any Slack accounts.

Linking new Slack

To add your new Slack account, click the Sign in with Slack button:

No Slack

Then, login to your new Slack account and click Continue to approve DeployHQ's connection to that account.

Add new Slack

You'll now see your new Slack account in the linked services in place of your old one:

New Slack added

If you need to change any individual project's Slack integration settings, you can do so by following this guide.

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