How do I transfer my DeployHQ project to another another account?

Sometimes it may be necessary to transfer a DeployHQ project either from one person to another, or one account to another.

If the project is the only project on the account and the new owner does not already have an account, you can change the billing contact to whoever you wish to transfer the project/account to. They can then delete any unwanted users from the account.

If the project is part of an account that already has other projects attached or the new owner already has their own account the project can be transferred to the owners' existing account. This would need to be done by the DeployHQ support team and account verification would be required.

Once the appropriate action has been performed on the project, you may need to check through some aspects of the configuration and update it, if appropriate.


If the repository URL is not changing, you will not need to update this configuration. If it is, and you're connecting via SSH you'll need to ensure you upload the key to the new repository location.

If you're connecting via HTTP(s) and the URL is changing, you'll also need to update the username and password if the existing user doesn't have access to the repository at its new location.


If the server connection isn't changing, you can leave the existing settings as they are. Otherwise, any updates that might need to be made to the user credentials, SSH key or hostname just need to be updated appropriately in the server settings.

Automatic deployments

You may find that automatic deployments stop working. The webhook URL would need to be updated as the "account domain" portion will have changed.

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