Files uploading unexpectedly

You may find a case where files that you aren't expecting to be uploaded are placed on your server. For example, you may have add an excluded file rule to discard a certain directory but that directory or contained files are still uploaded.

Rule syntax

Firstly, you'll need to make sure that you're using the correct syntax for your excluded file rules. DeployHQ uses pattern matching to check that a file matches a given rule, so you need to use the correct path, or a wildcard as appropriate.

Deployment operations all use your repository for referencing and not the destination server, so the path must match that which is stored in the repository. If you're looking to exclude a Wordpress config folder for example, you need to add two rules, one for the folder and another for its contents. If wp-config is in the root of the repository, the rules will look like this:


With the first rule stopping the directory, and the second rule with wildcards stopping any contained files or subdirectories (recursively) from being deployed.

For folders outside of the root, either specify the full path (without a leading slash), or use a wildcard. If you're looking to exclude a specific Wordpress theme, you could add two rule sets like so:



With the first ruleset being an exact match, and the second matching any directory called my-theme that exists outside of the root directory of the repository.

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