Permission Denied

A "Permission denied" or similar error when trying to upload a particular file to your server means that the file/folder you're trying to deploy isn't owned by the correct user or user group. This error can also sometimes be caused by other server problems such as running out of disk space.

Checking permissions

You can check the permissions on the file or folder by running the following command and checking the user and group are correct, if they are not then you'll need to change them before your deployments will succeed.

$ ls -l /path/to/file/or/folder
total 70712
drwx------   3  user  group       102 23 May 12:55 app
drwxr-----+  5  user  group       170 28 Jul 12:06 config
drwx------+ 19 user  group       646 14 Jul 08:37 config.ru
drwx------+ 18 user  group       612 28 Jul 14:06 db
drwx------@ 21 user  group       714 25 Jul 12:59 public

More information about file permissions can be found in this article.