Automatic Deployments not working

If you find that your Automatic Deployments are not working, check that the webhook URL in your Automatic Deployments page in the project is present in your repository host, and if one is there that's different, remove it and replace it.

You can use this guide on setting up Automatic Deployments to help.

If you are having difficulties with a new server in a project where Automatic Deployments are working for the existing servers, it may be that you'd previously added a hook for a server itself.

We have now centralised webhooks to just use a single webhook per project, but left previously added server-only hooks in place for backwards compatibility. You'll find some more information about this in our blog post.

Troubleshooting Webhooks

If you've ensured the webhook has been added correctly to your repository, but you are still not seeing any received hooks within DeployHQ, you can then check the webhook delivery log within your repository host to see if any hooks have been triggered, or whether there are any errors relating to this. Documentation for how to view this with each repository host can be found here:

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