Updating the connected repository in an existing project

Whilst adding a repository alongside a new project is easy with the OAuth method, you may wish to update an existing project's repository settings rather than create a new project, especially if you wish to keep the previous deployment history.

Firstly, you'll need to navigate to the Configuration link below Repository on the left hand side of your project. Here you can see the current settings for your repository.

change repo

To change the repository this project is linked to, click "Change Repository". You'll then see similar options to when you first set up your project, giving you the option to change repository hosts connecting via OAuth, or alternatively editing your repository details manually.

reconfigure repo

Updating the repository manually

To manually change the repository URL, check the box for "Add your repository details manually?".

manual update

Where you're connecting via SSH as in most cases, you'll need to upload the project's public key to your new repository. You'll find this directly below the repository URL.

You can find information about how to upload the public key to our main supported hosts below:

If you're connecting via HTTPS you'll need to enter a username and password, which in some cases may be an app password or personal access token rather than an account password.

Click Update Repository, then DeployHQ will recache it from the new location.

Running a new deployment from the updated repository

Once you've updated the repository, you'll need to ensure you deploy from the correct revisions. In particular, if the last deployed commit to any servers in your project doesn't exist in the new repository.

Just click the orange commit selector icon to the left of the start commit, then either choose a previous commit found in your new repository, or the option to Deploy the entire repository at the bottom.

Deploy from scratch

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